White tartan lined Santa sacks


These sacks are very traditional (especially if you are fed up with all the Christmas kitsch). Suitable for any age; children and teenagers, mums and dads, boyfriends and girlfriends, they will all be delighted to receive their Christmas presents in such an unusual and good quality sack.

They are handmade in the U.K. How great will these look lined up by the fire, or underneath the Christmas tree?

Our traditional hessian sacks are fully lined in a choice of two Tartans:

Red Royal Tartan: A jolly, warm, traditional, red tartan. The red background is interspersed with lines of yellow, blue, green, white and black.

White Dress Tartan : I love this tartan! A predominantly white and red background with tones of black, green, and yellow running through, this is a striking WOW factor sack.

(There is also a green cheeky reindeer, and a homely heart lining, shown on another page)

No sack is any use unless you can hang it up, or have a way of tieing it to the bedpost. Our sacks have a brass eyelet punched through the sack and lining, making them strong enough to hang, even when they are bulging with presents (as long as you don’t fill them with bricks!)

Lastly, just so we can all try and catch Santa out, we have attached an antique looking jingle bell, that will alert even the soundest of sleepers, that their sack is being filled on Christmas Eve.!!

made from:

The outside of the sack is made from natural hessian, it is a light beige colour (variations do ocur as it is natural). The inside is fully lined with a polyester viscose tartan fabric. This has a lovely soft feel perfect for rummaging in to find that last present at the bottom!


Each rustic sack is 80cms(h) x 50cms(w) (approx). The jingle bell is 2cm. Who wouldn’t be pleased to see this full of surprises on Christmas morning?

Any questions? Please contact us, and we’ll help all we can.

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Product Description

White tartan : A striking WOW factor sack. Natural,  rustic hessian sack, lined in a predominantly white and red tartan with tones of black, green, and yellow running through. Lovely to rummage in to find that last present at the bottom.

What are they made from?

  • Outside is a natural hessian sack.
  • Inside is fully lined in a soft feel tartan.
  • Handmade in the U.K.

How big are they?

Rctangular – ??? (w) x ??? (l) cms – £5

What make these Christmas sacks different?

  • Reversible.
  • An eyelet at the top left hand corner, so you can hang your sack / stocking without damaging it.
  • Suitable for any age: teenagers, mums and dads, boyfriends and girlfriends will be delighted to receive their Christmas presents in such a good quality handmade sack.

Why do I need them?

Family Christmas – wonderful for any young family who wants to know that everyones’ sack is the same size!

Older children / teens – lovely for that more grown up Christmas.

Made in Britain! Go on smarten up your Christmas with an Oily Rag!

Any questions? Please contact us and we’ll help all we can!


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